Roof Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutters a bit clogged up and need to be cleared? Consider Highpoint Roofing’s gutter cleaning service. With this service, you will have all gutters and roof surfaces cleaned of leaves and debris.

We will clean and flush all downspouts as needed, and replace any missing gutter clips and outlet strainers. This service will be completed twice yearly; once in the Spring and once in the Fall. You are not required to be home when this is done, but if you are home, our technicians can work quickly without disturbing you.roof repair tampa Gutter cleaning services will be completed on a time and material basis. Luckily for our customers, the time begins when the crew arrives and there is no charge for travel time. Call Now to book an appointment with the best roofers in Tampa and Lakeland!

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Why clean your gutters?

If you’re like most homeowners, cleaning gutters may not be high on your to-do list. Unfortunately, this is why it is often overlooked by both new and existing homeowners. Debris accumulates over time and can cause serious damage to your roof and gutters if left untreated. Clean and undamaged gutters allow water to flow freely from your roof during rain and storms. If the flow of water is obstructed by debris or damaged gutters, water can pool up and cause damage in other areas of your home.

Water that overflows from clogged gutters can not only cause damage to the paint and siding of a home, but can also cause leaks and damage to the interior of the home. Roofs and gutters are designed to disperse water away from the interior of the home. However, water always takes the path of least resistance. Water can easily work its way underneath shingles which can cause damage to the structure underneath and cause more leaks. If a leak is formed, water can drip inside walls and ceilings and inhibit the growth of mold.

Without proper drainage from the gutters to a drywell or drainage ditch, water can start to pool up around a home’s foundation. When this happens, foundations can crack, spring leaks, or worse. The more water is directed away from the home, the better. We recommend checking gutters for leaks or clogging every 6 months.

Not only can debris cause obstructions, but it also adds extra weight to the gutters. Extra weight from debris and buildup in gutters can cause the gutters to be pulled off of the home. Falling gutters are expensive to replace, so cleaning your gutters twice a year is strongly recommended. Gutters that are properly maintained are easier to clean, thus saving you time and money on the next service.

If any of these things happen to you, be sure to give Highpoint roofing a call. We offer gutter cleaning and roof repair in Tampa, Lakeland, and everywhere in between. Our company is fully insured and our experienced professionals get the job done right the first time. For professional and reliable service at a fair price to you, call us today at (863) 838-8328